Resolve “Search the web and Windows” option issue in search windows 10

Issue with search windows 10: “Search the web and Windows” option offer us a quick and easy way to search the PC for any files or app. It even search the entered search string in web and shows the best matched results.

can’t imagine searching windows 10 for any app or system program with out this option until if we knew all the keyboard shortcuts. Like to open Run program press windows key + R.

Last week suddenly this option “Search the web and Windows” stopped working on my PC. I didn’t even remember what wrong I did which resulted this option disable. After much web search and R&D, I found below option which resolved my problem easily.

There are other two options which also can resolve this issue but I tried below option first to settle the issue.

Option 1: by using troubleshooter option for “Search and indexing” service

1. Go to Control Panel

To go to Control Panel, either press windows key + X and select “Control Panel” option or press windows key + R and type “control” and press enter to open Control Panel.

2. Click on troubleshooting.

4. Click on view all on the left pane.

5. Right click on Search and Indexing.

6. Select “Run as Administrator”.

How to resolve “Search the web and Windows” option issue in windows 10
Search the web and Windows

7. Click Next and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the troubleshooting process.





Once completed that process, close the window and restart. Check option “Search the web and Windows” after re-login.

Still no luck then try with below options one by one and see.

Option 2: Check windows search service status

1. Go to services

Press Windows key + R keys on the keyboard and type Services.msc and press “Enter” OR

you can also open services from Task Manager, in More details option go to Services tab

3. In the services window, search for the Windows Search service

4. Check if the service is started, if not click on Start else stop & start it again.

5. And better we set the Startup Type as Automatic for this service.

6. restart and try option “Search the web and Windows”.How to resolve “Search the web and Windows” option issue in windows 10 taskmgr services

Hope “Search the web and Windows” in windows 10 PC resolved after trying either of above options.

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