New Windows Updates for Microsoft Edge || useful options in Microsoft Edge

New options in Microsoft Edge

There are few new updates from Microsoft Windows 10 related to Microsoft Edge. If you are using a web page very often and you want that on your taskbar for quick access you can do that. Open that webpage using Microsoft Edge, click on settings and more option and select “pin this page to the taskbar”.

By doing this system will pin that webpage to your taskbar. After that when you want to use that webpage very quickly you can simply click on the Taskbar icon which will directly open that specific web page in Microsoft edge. You do not have to open Microsoft edge and select that book market page or read for letter page.

You can also pin a web page in Microsoft edge to start options. for that you have to open that webpage in Microsoft edge, click on the setting option and click “pin this page to start” option. this will pin that particular webpage to start list so that you can simply click on the windows icon in the start and access that webpage from start options.

Other important update from Microsoft for Microsoft edge is save tabs for later. If you are opening several sites and you want to save the tabs for later reference then this option is very useful option. select the tab in Microsoft edge and click “set these tabs aside”. After that if you want to restore them, there is an another option just beside the “set these tabs aside”, that is “tabs you have set aside”. When you click on this tabs you have set aside, it will display all the tabs you have kept aside. Select the tab you want to restore and click restore tabs which will restore the selected tab for your reference.

See snapshots of open tabs

When you have opened lot of tabs in a single Microsoft edge instance and you want to see what are all tabs open by you. If you want to see the snapshots of these opened tabs, you can simply do the mouse hover over open tabs. Or else click on “show tab previews” option to see previews of all your open tabs.

Instance access to your favorite sites

You have a favorite web page opened in Microsoft edge and you want that as a favorite site on Microsoft edge. by setting that favorite, you can get access to that webpage very instantly. open the Microsoft edge where there is a simple option given by Microsoft with Microsoft edge. that is select the tab you want that to be a favorite site right-click and select “pin”. By doing this when you open Microsoft ads you can get access to that site very quickly. If you want to unpin that site, right-click and select “unpin”.

How to search for Jobs On Google || New “Google for jobs” service

Google for jobs

Google started new service “Google for jobs” to display all the job opening in India now. Till now this was only in service in USA. This service was launched in USA in last year only. After good response in USA for this service, recently google started the same service in India also. Now job seekers in India can also use this service to search the jobs. There are few partner companies in India for this service like iBM talent Management Solutions, quikr Jobs, t-jobs, timesJobs & freshersworld.

One difference between google for jobs portal and the other existing job portals is google won’t Store the job listings directly. When you click on a listed job, it will redirect the user to the relevant job posting which is on that partner site. When you search for a job it will not only display all the relevant job listings. It will also allows you to save that job posting for later reference and you can also set an alert on the job posting.

To access this Google for jobs portal, you have to open google search web page and search for string “google for jobs”.

When you search for string Google for jobs in Google search page it will display all the job postings. You have to click on any job posting so that it will take you to the specific portal for Google for jobs. In this new portal there are many different filter options available. So that you can search for a desired job posting. Here if you want to limit the job posting to a particular location, you can also set that constraint or filter. so that it will only display all the job postings in that particular location.

There are filters like

category : In category there are different options available like management, accounting, business operations, computer, customer service.

Next option is title, Here you can search for a job posting with specific title. Like manager, specialist account management, software engineer, engineer, marketing manager, data analyst so on.

Filter, is location as I said earlier you can also set the location filter to specific to location.

Date posted, With this filter you can limit the postings with a specific date of posted the job.

Type, You can search either full time job or part time job or contractor are internship postings.

Company type , What company type you are looking for maybe Computer Services or Consulting or financing or retail and so on. Lastly employer, It may be specific employer you are looking for like Google, YouTube, Accenture, capgemini, IBM, deloitte so on.

You can also save that particular job posting for later reference by just clicking on save for later icon place on each and every job posting. if you are logged in with a Google account you can see those saved job postings in a separate tab.

The Other important one is alerts, there is a separate tab where alerts google will also give an alerts on the job postings.

You can also share the job posting to any of the social media account like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or email. Otherwise you can copy that particular link of the job posting and share it.

How To Switch To New Gmail Option || All you need to know about the new Gmail

How To Switch To New Gmail Option

How To Switch To New Gmail Option

New Gmail option: As of I know, Gmail is a best email service with good features and it also provides up to free 15 Gb space for your emails. Google often provides updates to improve user experience of Gmail users. Here we are going to discuss about how to switch to new Gmail option which is available for all users for free.  in this new Gmail option, there are many new features introduced for good user experience.  

Here am considering only desktop client and not how it looks on mobile client.  


Compose button:

New compose button introduced which looks very stylish with large icon as below in left side. 

New Gmail_Compose button



Add On options:

in New Gmail, google added a new feature with some Add-on options in ride side as shown below. Here google placed some Add-ons by default like calendar, keep and task.  you can also add new Add-ons by clicking on plus button just below these Add-ons. Google list downs all the Gmail compatible Add-ons by default and you can select and hit install. Then the same Add-on will get added to the right-side list for access. 

These calendar, keep and task are pre-added Add-ons. And these will get auto signed with same email account and display all the relevant information. 

Instant Preview:

suppose an email message there with any attachments like image or pdf or word doc. In this new Gmail option, will preview them without downloading the same. Just by clicking on that attachment, new Gmail will preview that and allow to download. Additional options in the preview page like add to drive, share and attachment details. 


This is very useful option when you want to snooze a message for later read/act. In new Gmail, you can select any email which you want to snooze for later. And select an interval for snooze like tomorrow, or a particular date/time. When you snooze a message, that will get disappear from the inbox and moved to snooze folder where you can see all your snoozed messages. If you want to unsnoozed a message, select the same in the snooze folder and hit unsnoozed option by right click in more options.  

Mouse hover options:

When you hover your mouse pointer on a particular message, it will display 4 options viz Archive, Delete, mar as read/unread and snooze.  

You can also go back to classic gmail option from this new option if you are not happy with it.  

4 best ways how to take Screenshots in Windows 10

Best ways to take Screenshots in Windows 10

4 Best ways to take Screenshots in Windows 10:

Many times we used to try taking screenshots in windows 10. That may be important email, bills, transaction references, useful web pages etc. We can keep the required/important information in image format safely.  

Some of available methods:

There are several methods available for taking screenshots in windows 10 and below are the best ways to take screenshots in windows 10.

1. Windows Key + PrintScreen:

Best ways to take Screenshots in Windows 10
Best ways to take Screenshots in Windows 10

If you use this method to take the screenshots, system will take the snap whole desktop and also it automatically saves the image in picture folder. This is the best method to take the screenshots fast because there is no need to explicitly save the image.

2. Alt Key + PrintScreen:

Best ways to take Screenshots in Windows 10
Best ways to take Screenshots in Windows 10

This is the second best way to take the screen snaps in windows 10. Because it takes the snap of only the active window where we can avoid all unwanted opened windows in the screenshot. In this way of taking the screenshot, snap won’t get saved to a folder automatically and we need to paste it somewhere else to same as image.

3. PrintScreen:

Best ways to take Screenshots in Windows 10
Best ways to take Screenshots in Windows 10

This is the simple way to take the printscreen in windows 10. It takes the snap of the all content on desktop. Again in this way of taking the screenshot, snap won’t get saved to a folder automatically and we need to paste it somewhere else to same as image.

4. Snipping Tool:

This is the windows 10 screenshot tool which allows you to take the screenshot of your choice area. Open Snipping Tool–>Click on New button–>select the area required for screenshot–>that’s it, it takes the snap of that selected area and allows you to save the image. It also allows you to modify the image by using Pen, Marker and eraser tool and save it.