New Windows Updates for Microsoft Edge || useful options in Microsoft Edge

New options in Microsoft Edge

There are few new updates from Microsoft Windows 10 related to Microsoft Edge. If you are using a web page very often and you want that on your taskbar for quick access you can do that. Open that webpage using Microsoft Edge, click on settings and more option and select “pin this page to the taskbar”.

By doing this system will pin that webpage to your taskbar. After that when you want to use that webpage very quickly you can simply click on the Taskbar icon which will directly open that specific web page in Microsoft edge. You do not have to open Microsoft edge and select that book market page or read for letter page.

You can also pin a web page in Microsoft edge to start options. for that you have to open that webpage in Microsoft edge, click on the setting option and click “pin this page to start” option. this will pin that particular webpage to start list so that you can simply click on the windows icon in the start and access that webpage from start options.

Other important update from Microsoft for Microsoft edge is save tabs for later. If you are opening several sites and you want to save the tabs for later reference then this option is very useful option. select the tab in Microsoft edge and click “set these tabs aside”. After that if you want to restore them, there is an another option just beside the “set these tabs aside”, that is “tabs you have set aside”. When you click on this tabs you have set aside, it will display all the tabs you have kept aside. Select the tab you want to restore and click restore tabs which will restore the selected tab for your reference.

See snapshots of open tabs

When you have opened lot of tabs in a single Microsoft edge instance and you want to see what are all tabs open by you. If you want to see the snapshots of these opened tabs, you can simply do the mouse hover over open tabs. Or else click on “show tab previews” option to see previews of all your open tabs.

Instance access to your favorite sites

You have a favorite web page opened in Microsoft edge and you want that as a favorite site on Microsoft edge. by setting that favorite, you can get access to that webpage very instantly. open the Microsoft edge where there is a simple option given by Microsoft with Microsoft edge. that is select the tab you want that to be a favorite site right-click and select “pin”. By doing this when you open Microsoft ads you can get access to that site very quickly. If you want to unpin that site, right-click and select “unpin”.

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