How to manage windows 10 Start menu

Customizing the windows 10 Start menu

The windows 10 Start menu now even better than in windows 8. Just select the Start button on the task bar, it displays all recently used/added programs/apps, all pinned apps, setting file explorer options.

Pin your apps and programs, moving and regrouping in tiles. If you need more space, re-size the Start menu to make it bigger. Even you can make it full window mode by changing the default setting.

All your apps and programs will be right at your fingertips.

To see all your apps and programs, select All apps option on start menu.

Want to Pin apps to the Start menu to see live updates, like new email, your next appointment, or the weekend weather then go to All apps option and pin your app to start menu. When you pin an app, it’s added to the Start menu as a new tile automatically.

To Pin apps to Start,

Click on Start button–>All apps –>press and hold (or right-click) the app you want to pin–>select Pin to Start.

Group you app in a simple way. Drag out your app tile and release it in a plain area on start menu when it auto creates the new group for your app. Then by clicking on new group name, re-name it as you wish. Hold and drag the new group to re-arrange on start menu.

Get to File Explorer, Settings, and other apps you use often from the left side of the Start menu.

Re-size the start menu by just dragging the start menu right hand side edge with mouse pointer.

If you want to make other changes for Start menu to have a different look, Click Start button–> select Settings > Personalization > Start to change which apps and folders appear in the Start menu.

Click on “Choose which folders appear on start” option to select the folders which you want to display on start menu.

How to manage windows 10 Start menu

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