How to manage apps in windows8 start screen

Windows8 start screen:

In windows8 there won’t be any start button or start menu. Every time you start the system, start screen will get displays with all the apps (program) tiles. It fills the entire screen with large tiles stretching ahead of the right edge. To go to start screen, Press the Windows key found near the space bar on keyboard.

There are some default programs which constantly updates the app tiles to display latest like whether, Calendar tile to show the current date, appointments and Mail tile to display your latest e-mails. These tiles occupy most of the start screen space even when they are very rarely used apps.

Every time you install new apps/programs, the start screen (app view) will get fill up with the new apps which change the look.

traditional desktop:

Want to go to traditional desktop then click on “Desktop” app tile which will take you to the traditional desktop.

To group the tiles which are on start screen, right-click on any app tile which will enable you to name the group.

To re-arrange the tiles as you wish, just hold to drag the app tile and release where you want.

How to manage apps in windows8 start screen
How to manage apps in windows8 start screen

To see all the apps in sorted manner just click on down arrow on start screen. This will display all the apps in sorted manner either in name, Installed, most used and category.

Select the app to get the other options of an app in all apps mode start scree.

That will display options like as below. Pint to Start, Pin to taskbar, Uninstall, Open new window, Run as administrator and Open file location.

To switch to the other app which is already running; Point the mouse to the screen’s upper-left corner and then slide the mouse pointer downward. It displays thumbnails of all running apps, click the app which you want to see.

How to manage apps in windows8 start screen

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