How To Switch To New Gmail Option || All you need to know about the new Gmail

How To Switch To New Gmail Option

New Gmail option: As of I know, Gmail is a best email service with good features and it also provides up to free 15 Gb space for your emails. Google often provides updates to improve user experience of Gmail users. Here we are going to discuss about how to switch to new Gmail option which is available for all users for free.  in this new Gmail option, there are many new features introduced for good user experience.  

Here am considering only desktop client and not how it looks on mobile client.  


Compose button:

New compose button introduced which looks very stylish with large icon as below in left side. 

New Gmail_Compose button



Add On options:

in New Gmail, google added a new feature with some Add-on options in ride side as shown below. Here google placed some Add-ons by default like calendar, keep and task.  you can also add new Add-ons by clicking on plus button just below these Add-ons. Google list downs all the Gmail compatible Add-ons by default and you can select and hit install. Then the same Add-on will get added to the right-side list for access. 

These calendar, keep and task are pre-added Add-ons. And these will get auto signed with same email account and display all the relevant information. 

Instant Preview:

suppose an email message there with any attachments like image or pdf or word doc. In this new Gmail option, will preview them without downloading the same. Just by clicking on that attachment, new Gmail will preview that and allow to download. Additional options in the preview page like add to drive, share and attachment details. 


This is very useful option when you want to snooze a message for later read/act. In new Gmail, you can select any email which you want to snooze for later. And select an interval for snooze like tomorrow, or a particular date/time. When you snooze a message, that will get disappear from the inbox and moved to snooze folder where you can see all your snoozed messages. If you want to unsnoozed a message, select the same in the snooze folder and hit unsnoozed option by right click in more options.  

Mouse hover options:

When you hover your mouse pointer on a particular message, it will display 4 options viz Archive, Delete, mar as read/unread and snooze.  

You can also go back to classic gmail option from this new option if you are not happy with it.  

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