How to stop auto updates on windows 10

How to stop Auto Updates:

Most of the windows 10 users question will be can we stop auto updates?

To get new features and to run the system better/smoothly, windows updates are required in a way they are essential.

There is no need to go and check whether new updates available and windows 10 automatically downloads & install the updates when ever they are available. There is one exception, when you are on metered connection where the updates won’t download until you explicitly opt to get them. To stop frequent restarting your system to install the updates change the setting in below path.

Go to Start > Settings > Update & security > Windows Update, and select Advanced options.

How to stop auto updates on windows 10
Windows updates

There was an option to choose when to install or whether to install the updates or not in earlier windows versions. Windows 10 has no option to stop the auto updates. Here is one way to stop the auto installing updates in windows 10.

Search “Services” (without quotes) in the windows search box beside windows start icon.

Scroll to the bottom/look for “Windows Update” service to select

Double click on that service which will open a pop-up

select “Startup Type” as “Manual” and click Apply and OK buttons.

How to stop auto updates on windows 10
Services page

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