How to search for Jobs On Google || New “Google for jobs” service

Google for jobs

Google started new service “Google for jobs” to display all the job opening in India now. Till now this was only in service in USA. This service was launched in USA in last year only. After good response in USA for this service, recently google started the same service in India also. Now job seekers in India can also use this service to search the jobs. There are few partner companies in India for this service like iBM talent Management Solutions, quikr Jobs, t-jobs, timesJobs & freshersworld.

One difference between google for jobs portal and the other existing job portals is google won’t Store the job listings directly. When you click on a listed job, it will redirect the user to the relevant job posting which is on that partner site. When you search for a job it will not only display all the relevant job listings. It will also allows you to save that job posting for later reference and you can also set an alert on the job posting.

To access this Google for jobs portal, you have to open google search web page and search for string “google for jobs”.

When you search for string Google for jobs in Google search page it will display all the job postings. You have to click on any job posting so that it will take you to the specific portal for Google for jobs. In this new portal there are many different filter options available. So that you can search for a desired job posting. Here if you want to limit the job posting to a particular location, you can also set that constraint or filter. so that it will only display all the job postings in that particular location.

There are filters like

category : In category there are different options available like management, accounting, business operations, computer, customer service.

Next option is title, Here you can search for a job posting with specific title. Like manager, specialist account management, software engineer, engineer, marketing manager, data analyst so on.

Filter, is location as I said earlier you can also set the location filter to specific to location.

Date posted, With this filter you can limit the postings with a specific date of posted the job.

Type, You can search either full time job or part time job or contractor are internship postings.

Company type , What company type you are looking for maybe Computer Services or Consulting or financing or retail and so on. Lastly employer, It may be specific employer you are looking for like Google, YouTube, Accenture, capgemini, IBM, deloitte so on.

You can also save that particular job posting for later reference by just clicking on save for later icon place on each and every job posting. if you are logged in with a Google account you can see those saved job postings in a separate tab.

The Other important one is alerts, there is a separate tab where alerts google will also give an alerts on the job postings.

You can also share the job posting to any of the social media account like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or email. Otherwise you can copy that particular link of the job posting and share it.

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