How to configure email in office outlook

How to configure email in office outlook:

Microsoft’s outlook is very commonly used email client by enterprises as well as in personal & home based users. One of the good reason is Microsoft offering good features like secure, good-looking UI, integrations with other MS office tools etc.

You can

  • Integrate with Microsoft OneNote application
  • Set customized rules to route emails
  • Auto archive settings
  • Can export email folders into .csv or .pst formats
  • One in all app which will organize your contacts, notes and tasks
  • And many more…

And here is How to configure email in office outlook app. It is very easy process to add a email to outlook email app in 3-4 clicks.

  1. Go to Outlook, choose File menu, select Account Settings option and select Account Settings

On selecting Account Settings option, new pop-up window will get open up with all account list in Email tab which are already added in outlook.

Click on new button in Email tab to add the new email account.

Outlook Email Accounts list
Outlook Email Accounts list
  1. Select E-mail Account option in Add Account pop-up.
Provide all required info
  • Your name: your wish to give a name to your outlook email account
  • E-mail Address: your email address
  • Password: password of your mail account
  • Retype Password: retype your password

    Outlook Email Add Account
    Outlook Email Add Account

Once you have provided all required field values then click “Next” button.

  1. You are almost done the activity if you have provided all the field values in previous step. This will display a congratulation pop-up window. Here it will try to connect to your account with the provided login details. This job is done when logging in successful . If login not successful then click back button and give correct details. Error not with login details, it may be due to internet connection which you need to verify once.

    Outlook Email Connecting page
    Outlook Email Connecting page
  2. Once email account addition is success, then it prompt to restart the outlook to show the new account.

    Outlook Email restart outlook
    Outlook Email restart outlook

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