How to configure email in office outlook

Outlook Email Accounts list

How to configure email in office outlook:

Microsoft’s outlook is very commonly used email client by enterprises as well as in personal & home based users. One of the good reason is Microsoft offering good features like secure, good-looking UI, integrations with other MS office tools etc.

You can

  • Integrate with Microsoft OneNote application
  • Set customized rules to route emails
  • Auto archive settings
  • Can export email folders into .csv or .pst formats
  • One in all app which will organize your contacts, notes and tasks
  • And many more…

And here is How to configure email in office outlook app. It is very easy process to add a email to outlook email app in 3-4 clicks.

  1. Go to Outlook, choose File menu, select Account Settings option and select Account Settings

On selecting Account Settings option, new pop-up window will get open up with all account list in Email tab which are already added in outlook.

Click on new button in Email tab to add the new email account.

Outlook Email Accounts list
Outlook Email Accounts list
  1. Select E-mail Account option in Add Account pop-up.
Provide all required info
  • Your name: your wish to give a name to your outlook email account
  • E-mail Address: your email address
  • Password: password of your mail account
  • Retype Password: retype your password

    Outlook Email Add Account
    Outlook Email Add Account

Once you have provided all required field values then click “Next” button.

  1. You are almost done the activity if you have provided all the field values in previous step. This will display a congratulation pop-up window. Here it will try to connect to your account with the provided login details. This job is done when logging in successful . If login not successful then click back button and give correct details. Error not with login details, it may be due to internet connection which you need to verify once.

    Outlook Email Connecting page
    Outlook Email Connecting page
  2. Once email account addition is success, then it prompt to restart the outlook to show the new account.

    Outlook Email restart outlook
    Outlook Email restart outlook

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Windows 10 most useful keyboard shortcuts

Windows 10 most useful keyboard shortcuts
Windows 10 most useful keyboard shortcuts:

There are many keyboard shortcuts available in windows and here I have listed some of them which bind with windows key. These are mostly used in day to day work on computer. Use keyboard shortcuts by which you can save time when working with keyboard. And as a result by using keyboard shortcut keys will pull down the use of mouse clicks.


Windows key:  By using this, you can open or close Start Menu.


Windows key + A:  This is to open Action center. Access action center to do some quick actions and see notifications.


Windows key + D: This keyboard shortcut helps you to see and\or hide the desktop.


Windows key + E: This will open File Explorer.


Windows key + H: To open the Share charm.


Windows key + I: You can use this shortcut option to quickly open Settings page.


Windows key + L: To lock PC or to switch accounts.


Windows key + M: To minimize all windows.


Windows key + R: To open Run dialog box.


Windows key + S: To open Search.


Windows key + X: To open Quick Link menu.


Windows key + Number: To open up the apps pinned to the taskbar in the position directed by the number.


with Arrow Keys

Windows key + Left arrow key: To snap the active app windows left.


Windows key + Right arrow key: To snap the active app right.


Windows key + Up arrow key: To maximize active app windows.


Windows key + Down arrow key: To minimize active app windows.


Windows key + Ctrl + Left or Right arrow: To switch between virtual desktops.


Windows key + Enter: To open Narrator.


Windows key + Home: This is to minimize all except the active desktop window.


Windows key + Tab: To open up the Task view.


Windows key +

  1.         “+” key: To zooming in using the magnifier.
  2.         “-” key: To zooming out using the magnifier.

You can also refer to my another post related to gmail key board shortcuts

How to stop background apps running in windows 10

How to stop background apps running in windows 10
How to stop background apps running in windows 10
How to stop background apps running in windows 10

How to stop background apps running in windows 10: Undoubtedly Windows 10 is fast and till now no performance issues faced even when more number of desktop apps installed on it.

Naturally when we install more number of apps and use; which consumes valuable system resources of other windows which must run background processes.

You can configure which apps can run in the background for receiving update info, sending notifications, and to stay up-to-date, even when you’re not using them.

As we can’t stop must run windows 10 background process, we can turn-on/off other apps which runs in the background based on use.

Turning off those unwanted programs running in the background can free up system resources for your other programs on your computer.

Process to follow:

Below step by step details on how we can turn OFF or ON unnecessary background apps running on Windows 10.

1. Goto-→Start-→Click on Settings

2. Privacy-→Background apps

3. toggle the button to OFF for the apps you don’t want to be run in background or you use them very often.

How to stop background apps running in windows 10
How to stop running the apps in background in windows 10

Note: To run in the background to receive updates info, sending error notifications, there are some specific apps on windows. Be cautious when you are turning off such apps to not to run them in the background.

Some windows apps set to auto start along with system booting which also drains system resources. Do you want to stop/disable auto starting of apps which are not required? there is an option for the same. For full details follow How to manage startup programs in windows 10

Resolve “Search the web and Windows” option issue in search windows 10

Issue with search windows 10: “Search the web and Windows” option offer us a quick and easy way to search the PC for any files or app. It even search the entered search string in web and shows the best matched results.

can’t imagine searching windows 10 for any app or system program with out this option until if we knew all the keyboard shortcuts. Like to open Run program press windows key + R.

Last week suddenly this option “Search the web and Windows” stopped working on my PC. I didn’t even remember what wrong I did which resulted this option disable. After much web search and R&D, I found below option which resolved my problem easily.

There are other two options which also can resolve this issue but I tried below option first to settle the issue.

Option 1: by using troubleshooter option for “Search and indexing” service

1. Go to Control Panel

To go to Control Panel, either press windows key + X and select “Control Panel” option or press windows key + R and type “control” and press enter to open Control Panel.

2. Click on troubleshooting.

4. Click on view all on the left pane.

5. Right click on Search and Indexing.

6. Select “Run as Administrator”.

How to resolve “Search the web and Windows” option issue in windows 10
Search the web and Windows

7. Click Next and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the troubleshooting process.





Once completed that process, close the window and restart. Check option “Search the web and Windows” after re-login.

Still no luck then try with below options one by one and see.

Option 2: Check windows search service status

1. Go to services

Press Windows key + R keys on the keyboard and type Services.msc and press “Enter” OR

you can also open services from Task Manager, in More details option go to Services tab

3. In the services window, search for the Windows Search service

4. Check if the service is started, if not click on Start else stop & start it again.

5. And better we set the Startup Type as Automatic for this service.

6. restart and try option “Search the web and Windows”.How to resolve “Search the web and Windows” option issue in windows 10 taskmgr services

Hope “Search the web and Windows” in windows 10 PC resolved after trying either of above options.