Battery Saving Tricks on Android Smart phones

Battery Saving Tricks on Android Smart phones: Vast verity of smarts phones available in today’s world with many apps installed for different purposes which eats up the battery very quickly. Very common question from many Android smart phone owners is that how to save battery life on their phones.

Here are some battery saving ways to boost up the battery life on android phones.

Reduce the brightness: Keep the brightness of the screen at 30% or lower by changing the brightness level via Settings -> Display -> Brightness level. This is the best way for battery saving when it is at critical stage. Another point here is that don’t use auto brightness option and increase brightness manually only when required is a good option.

Close all the minimized apps when they are not in use. Even apps are minimized, they still consume phone power so close them for battery saving.

Start Battery Saver mode:

Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Saver. This mode will stop all the background apps like automatic mail sync and other apps which works on auto synch.

Battery Saving Tricks on Android Smart phones
Battery Saver mode

Stop Blue tooth service and NFC if they are ON.

Instead of using auto sync option for emails which runs in the background and drains battery, try to manually refresh your mail accounts.

Don’t use vibrate option for incoming calls.

Don’t keep long screen time-out, keep it short as required. Say keep 15 seconds which helps you in battery saving as longer display time outs consumes more battery power.

Stop Location or GPS tracking: Now a days most of the apps use GPS service on phone to track the current location. If you feel location tracking not required or your battery at critical stage then stop the location tracking service via Settings -> Location for saving battery.

Battery Saving Tricks on Android Smart phones
Battery Saving Tricks on Android Smart phones


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